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Board Meetings are the third Tuesday of every month (except no meeting in Dec, Annual in April) held at 2140 Leeward All owners are invited to attend.


Christmas decorating contest takes place this Sunday, December 18th


Our tennis courts needed resurfacing. In preparation for that, holes were dug to try to find the cause of the depressions.

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New Website

Hello Sykes Cove residents. We have a new website, as you can see, along with a new login username and password to access the Members section. To obtain the new login information contact Sue Gutheridge via email with your name and address.

House Paint Colors

Recently, a local paint supplier provided a binder with possible color schemes that community homeowners may desire to review prior to making their selection of house paint. The binder can be taken home for a few days to help in your decision making. Please know that these samples are designed to help in your contemplation and are not placing a limit on you. They are to project a range of coverings that the SCCA Board considers to be representative of our community. Each page depicts a base color with suggested trim. These colors can be interchanged if desired.

Remember these are only suggestions. However, they will be used by the ARC in their considerations. While the paint supplier would appreciate your business, by no means are they identified as your sole source. Having said that, a representative did say a discount would be applied if you mention you are a member of our association.

Please contact the ARC Director to view the book. Bob Guthridge, 459-9898,

Yard Debris Pickup

For those of you who have yard waste out waiting for pickup, please make sure it is in cans and placed in front of your house adjacent to the curb. If you have large amounts which does not fit in cans, you must call Waste Management for a pick up.

If you live on Sykes Loop across from the small pond and have placed yard waste across the street along the pond, please put it back on your property as Waste Management will not pick up along the pond. Thank you for taking care of this issue.

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Sykes Cove is an upscale residential community conveniently located on Florida's Space Coast about five miles south of Kennedy Space Center. Our residents call Merritt Island home, which is bounded to the west by the Indian River and to the east by the Banana River. 

The community is incorporated as a not-for-profit homeowners association, the Sykes Cove Community Association (SCCA). An elected seven-member Board of Directors establishes community policies and administers the routine operations of the association.

Approximately 550 persons reside in the custom homes built on most of Sykes Cove's 205 lots. As Association members, property owners have access to Sykes Cove's shared amenities, including the children's playground, gazebo on the lake, and tennis court.

In addition to posting the latest Sykes Cove news and events on our website, the SCCA publishes a quarterly newsletter. The Sykes Cove Heron newsletter details the activities of the Board of Directors and many other items of interest to the residents of our neighborhood.

Many Sykes Cove residents enjoy careers supporting our nation's Space Program.

Canal-front lots offer easy access to both the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.

A variety of custom home styles make for an eye-pleasing community - no two homes are alike

SCCA Board Members

Board Policies

Sue Guthridge

Vice President
Dale Burton

Ashley Doig

Eric Gardze

Architectural Director
Bob Guthridge

Director at Large
Dale Burton

Facebook Coordinator
Ashley Doig

Other Contact Info

TCB Property Management Company 
Sharon Lockamy 

Webmaster & Web Page
Mike Swift

HERON Editor

Sherri Murphy

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